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My Chemical...

Ah, my phone works! Yay! I'm also trying to win tickets to go see My Chemical Romance at the house of blues monday. Wish me luck!

Yesterday I drank a lot of sake (with sis and friend) and got very lightheaded while listening to Disney in Portugese and eating apple pie a la mode. Then I played a little dance dance revolution. I was really craving a smoke though and sushi but oh well.

About that cd...you have to buy it! It's friggin awesome!

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Check it out at amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Bossa-Nova/dp/B00080EV0M

BTW: If you go to a closing down Tower Records you can probably get this cd for half that price.

Freezing my ass off T_T

It is 4o degrees in vegas. 40 FRIGGIN DEGREES! THIS IS THE DESERT! WHAT'S GOIN ON?! and I just noticed my timezone is wrong. Eh I'll fix it lata. 8:32 am.


Hm...in my room. Drinking cold coffee. Watching NANA. Watched some gay Tenimyu a.k.a. Boys Love. Craving a smoke. NO! I'm NOT craving a smoke. Gotta study.